QUESTION: What kind of post-processing do your images receive?
ANSWER: Taking digital pictures and posting them on line is easy. Taking high quality images, properly processing and optimizing them requires professional equipment, software and technique. Each & every image shot by CVHT is individually inspected & post-processed using high powered imaging software to provide the best quality image possible. The post-processing is utilized to optimize lighting, color balancing, contrast, sharpness, clarity, vibrance & saturation. It also corrects vignetting, optical abnormalities, barrel distortion & perspective issues (leaning walls). In today’s market, your property deserves professional results.

QUESTION: How do my orders get delivered?
ANSWER: For delivery we provide several options.
We offer electronic delivery via YouSendit file delivery service as soon as photos are processed. Our photos are delivered in both smaller sizes optimized for web use and full-size images for use in magazine and flyer prints.

If you ordered a virtual tour from us, you will receive an email announcing that your tour has been published. In this email there will be links to both the branded & un-branded versions of the tour. There will also be a link provided to the “Client Panel”.

The “Client Panel” contains a “Tour Image Download” section. Within this section there are listed two options for downloading the tour images. You can choose to download a “ZIP” file that contains all the images in both large & small versions, or alternatively to download individual images in either small or large versions.

The “small” images are the “MLS Optimized” versions. The “large” images are optimized for use in printed brochures, etc.

QUESTION: How can I send images to CVHT?
ANSWER: We have a YouSendit drop box that makes it easy to send large files to us. Just copy & paste the following into your web browser: https://www.yousendit.com/transfer.php?action=dropbox&dropbox=CalMitchener427736

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